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Risk Busters

Hi! My name is David Stein, President of Dale & Associates, providers of group benefits plans and business insurance products.  
When I founded Dale & Associates in 1993, after more than 15 years working as a business consultant, I had no idea where this business might take me.  The one clear mission I had was to help small business owners succeed in growing their businesses while reducing their exposure to risk. 
All these years later, I have worked with many clients in different businesses.  To this very day, I consider them both friends and partners.  After all this time, the one common theme that has resonated with me is that business owners should spend most of their time focused on growing their businesses and less time worrying about losses caused by risk they have no control over.     
I have always prided myself as someone who tells my clients the straight goods and provides them with timely and concise advice.  I want to help them make the right decision about which products and services will help them to eliminate the risks that can cripple their business.





My Connections to the Community


When I am not busy helping my clients, I am actively involved with my community work, which includes acting as president and a board member of The Ottawa Network, a non-profit organization that helps start-up entrepreneurs grow their businesses through networking and mentorship programs.


I am also past chairman of the Retail Sector of the Ottawa Board of Trade and past vice president and president of the Parliament Chapter of B’Nai Brith Canada and the League for Human Rights.


In my other waking hours, I compose original music, play keyboards and guitar, and provide vocals for my social band, Grey Matters.


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David Stein, CEO

Dale & Associates


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