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Our Success Could Be Your Success 

Sander Geophysics


When I started working with the management team of this geological survey company, it had not received proper advice from its then-current broker.  In the preceding ten years, the broker had never marketed a benefits plan to the company. 


In the first year I provided services for Sander, I saved the company 30% on the cost of benefits.  To this day, I continue to work with the company on finding new approaches and solutions as its growth has gone from 35 to 150 employees working on projects around the world.






Elevator Cab Renovations


In 2005, this elevator cab renovation company became a client when it had only 14 employees.  I helped to design its initial employee benefits plan.  After the first renewal with a major insurer, the company was unhappy about the 15% increase in rates, even though it had a good claims experience.


I recommended that the company switch to a third-party administration arrangement for its employee benefits.  Thirteen  years later, and with 45 employees on its payroll, the unit cost for employee benefits has remained stable with little or no increases.





Vailtech Software


In 2005, Vailtech also became a client.  This company develops software applications for municipal tax rolls across Ontario.  Again, when the company called me in, its employee benefits consultant wasn’t properly servicing the group.


Since commencing my work with Vailtech, I have managed to minimize any increases in benefit costs.  In the last five years, under my watch, Vailtech has not seen any increase in rates.  In fact, over the past few years, the company’s benefit costs have declined. 

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